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   Siamese kittens - Blue-Gems

                                    Photo by Blue-Gem

Blue-Gems Kitten Photo Gallery...

I love taking photo's of my little babies. All the photo's on my website were photographed by me. This page is special because I get to share and brag a little, showing off my little fur children :)

Kittens past and present bred by Blue-Gem Siamese

These kittens are NOT for sale, just photo's of kittens we have bred.

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Lady Guinevere in the Nursery with her baby



                                    Photo art by Blue-Gem     Blue-Male kitten           Blue -Male kitten


Siamese kittens

Two Chocolate kittens



                                        Seal point                           Seal point                            Blue point




Blue point siamese kitten                                           Seal point siamese kitten

                                     Blue point                             Chocolate point                          Seal point





Seal Point                        Lilac point





                                                                                    Seal point                          Chocolate




                                                                              Kitten tree in nursery




                                                                 Lilac point                Seal & Blue point




                                            Chocolate & seal                   Chocolate point



                                                Blue point siamese kitten              Seal point siamese kitten       

                                 Chocolate Point                      Blue point                        Two seals              


                        Blue point siamese kitten                                         Seal point siamese kitten

                          Blue point 5 wks                          1 hour old                       Seal point 5 wks



                               Blue point                        4 week old                    12 days old                 Blue point





            Guinevere and belle's kittens

          playing in the nursery



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